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Whipple hemi tuning

By Zolorisar

Remember Me? What's New? Results 1 to 7 of 7. Thread: Whipple 6. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Whipple 6. One was a C with a procharger, the other that I'm currently working on a Challenger with a whipple. Both of them have the pulsewidth dip, but the C occurred around - RPM. So, I'm not convinced that the dip is tied to the RPM variable. As you would expect from the dip in pulsewidth, it causes a momentary lean spot in the Air-Fuel ratio. I'll attach a tune and log file for the challenger below the image for anyone wanting to take a gander.

I must be missing something obvious for this to happen on 2 different cars. Thanks for any input anyone can provide. The dip can be seen uninterrupted by traction control at marker There's also an occurrence aroundbut it's somewhat interrupted by some slight wheel spin and traction control stepping in.

This is a picture of the same thing occurring on the C. But it's very plain to see the very similar dip in pulsewidth. What does fuel mass cyl 1 do when it happens?

But VE does not. Last edited by spoolboy; at AM. Fuel mass remains pretty constant, just now went out to verify. I did finally discover what causes the issue, though.

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And to me, it's pretty disheartening. So, I started out tuning on factory boosted applications Neon SRT-4 mostlyand as such, I became very well acquainted with a lot of the tables that are more tailored for boost. In the boosted applications including Hellcats, though they are labeled and scaled as Pressure Differential, rather than Vacuum Multiplierthere are compensations made for manifold pressure that directly affects fuel mass delivery.

In the Naturally Aspirated applications, these tables compensate for vacuum by multiplying by a correction factor less than 1.

whipple hemi tuning

When at atmospheric pressure, it has a correction factor of 1. In my tuning practices with boosted applications, I like to rescale that table according to expected boost range and apply a correction factor that will increase the commanded injector pulsewidth in boost just like it would in a factory boosted application.

Now, for whatever reason, even with manifold pressure remaining constant, at some point in the RPM range I don't know what else to tie it to, since VE and Fuel Mass remain pretty constant during the pullit has that odd blip in the pulsewidth where it ought to remain constant. By setting the Vaccum Mult table back to stock, then compensating for the need for increased fueling at higher boost by sloping the injector scaling as pulsewidth increases, I have gotten a nice, flat, uninterrupted pulsewidth trend as would be expected.

The same effect could be accomplished by sloping the VE table as load increases, rather than sloping the injector data. But it's not a perfect compensation either way.Forum Rules. Timeslips Advanced Search.

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Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Whipple Supercharger, Hellcat throttle body, and forged tuning issues. I'm getting pretty frustrated, and looking for some input as to what direction to go. I'm not a tuner. Wish I had the money to invest in the software and go to some classes, but for now, I have to trust someone else to dial my car in.

At WOT, the car just sings. Feels really good. Under normal driving, the car is awful. Here are my issues: 1 I'm now throwing two codes. One for high idle, and one for coolant temps too low. These come after taking the car back a second time after it was throwing a different idle code. I was running the stock tune that came with the Whipple, and I had zero codes with the set-up - just had transmission shifting issues.

It sounds like the blade modulating under partial throttle, and when I let off the accelerator under light throttle, it stays at light throttle until brake is applied - as if it is stuck there. Feels like the engine is cutting timing HARD to make the shifts, and when it does, the car bucks for lack of a better term so badly the seat belts lock. It gets a little better as the engine gets up to temperature, but under partial throttle it does the same thing - bucks HARD between shifts.

It's really bad. The hesitation is present under slight throttle as well. Seems like when I pick it up from the tuner, it runs okay for about a day and then gets really bad. I'm extremely picky - I'm going to be honest. I've done all the work on the car myself, except for the tuning, because I don't have the knowledge to do it. I've spent a lot of time and money on the car, and these tuning issues are killing me - and I feel like the car as well.

With the stock Whipple tune, the car ran very well, except for the occasional bucking of the transmission under partial throttle. I'm very frustrated. Any help is appreciated.Please select the available options below. Once you have filled in all the required options and pressed the Update Options button you will be able to add this item into your shopping cart.

While others "claim" to be leaders, the truth is simple; Whipple Superchargers are the true pioneers of twin-screw supercharging. For over 23 years, Whipple has led the industry with innovation after innovation. Whipple has more experience in supercharging applications then any other twin-screw or Eaton based positive displacement supercharger manufacturer. Whipple Superchargers brought the twin-screw supercharger to the US automotive market and has pioneered the "bolt-on" supercharger business.

While others try to copy or follow, Whipple continues to develop new superchargers and new systems that not only look like a piece of art, they outperform the competition. The revolutionary front feed 2. While others cobble up one adapter after another, Whipple spent over two years developing every single component of this ground breaking supercharger system. The results speak for themselves, not only does it make the most horsepower of any supercharger system on the market, its fully upgradeable with camshafts, head work, throttle bodies and bigger air systems so you have the ability to go from mild to wild whenever you want.

The Whipple front feed system is far superior to rear inlet based SC systems for a very simple reason, less inlet restrictions. While some companies make phony claims about how many bends they have, the fact is simple, the front entry systems do not require multiple 90deg bends or one sweeping deg bend before the SC inlet, which causes unequal rotor filling and lower volumetric efficiency.

The Whipple front entry system requires 1 less bend 3 to 4 then any rear entry SC. With the optional competition inlet, it's 2 less bends 1 to 3. Others just show pictures of the air tube, but forget to mention the SC inlet which makes 2 90 deg bends, while also restricting plenum volume so they can clear the firewall. The Whipple system also uses a round round flows significantly more then oval or rectangle shapes mm opening vs. Not all front inlet systems are created equal.

As in typical Whipple fashion, the Whipple front inlet system is not restricted by a 81mm inlet system which severely limits your potential power gains. The Whipple SC system uses a unique mm round round flows significantly more then oval or rectangle inlet for nearly cfm capacity hp. No need to buy another unit like other systems! Toggle navigation. MMX Product Search:. Due to higher than average volume and current responses by some manufacturers to the COVID pandemic, shipping and response time may be slightly longer than normal.

We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding and support. International Order Notice: International orders are required to be paid by money order or bank transfer.

Please call or email for more information before placing your order.

whipple hemi tuning

E-mail this product to a friend. Specifications Front entry Wax 2. Related Products:. Ill Keep the Standard Vacuum Bypass. Black Finish.Remember Me? What's New? Results 1 to 14 of Thread: Whipple surging at 3k rpm. Thread Tools Show Printable Version.

Whipple HEMI Supercharger

Whipple surging at 3k rpm Having a problem with a chevy with a 5. I've included the tune and the log. If you watch the throttle input APP when this happens, its not my foot twitching! Its happing above 85kpa, it might fluctuate down to 70 kpa and around kpa. We are at ft so anything over 83 kpa is pressure. Attached Files mike wetzbarger chevy with whipple 6. It is fine right to the point you go into CL.

When you go closed loop the truck is using the MAF I see. With 4. From what I read here guys 0 the tables out I think they do this in SD althoughthis is just what worked for me before reading about the Predicted Tables here. I think you will have to increase the value if you are using the MAF.

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This needs to be in the gen 5 section, BUT what's most likely causing your problems are your cam tables 0 them out in the lower rpms - look to the lt4 for guidance - can even use those tables if you like then you need to have real numbers in your peak torque table - these ECM's are torque biased if you don't know that, then finally - go back to stock driver demand tables and smooth them out - only increase the last line if it's closing the throttle any You might even want to look at a lt4's tune for guidance with this as well - just make sure the axis are the same I had a situation where the high was not zeroed and truck surged Thanks guys sorry for not getting back.

I need to get this guys truck back in to the shop and work on the tables mentioned here. And I thought I put this under gen v section. All good info, so much to know! Thanks again! Honestly referring to a lt4 file doesn't help at all, so much different about the file it, it really isn't useable. Well I want to thank you guys for all of the suggestions.

I did try to change the cam timing and and I did set the torque tables back to stock. None of this worked to reduce the surge. So I decided to do a holy mary and remove all of the limits on everything to see if that was controlling the throttle.Toggle navigation. MMX Product Search:. Due to higher than average volume and current responses by some manufacturers to the COVID pandemic, shipping and response time may be slightly longer than normal.

We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding and support. International Order Notice: International orders are required to be paid by money order or bank transfer. Please call or email for more information before placing your order. Sub Categories. DiabloSport Tuners. Pedal Commander. Why do you need Pedal Commander? Pedal Commander is a throttle response controller. It removes response delays on your electronic View Details. Diablosport's latest and greatest for tuning and tweaking the performance of your Gen3 HEMI powered vehicles!

If you are a horsepower Diablosport's Trinity 2 is the latest and greatest for tuning and tweaking the performance of your Gen3 HEMI powered vehicles! The Tazer RAM is a plug-in device to change vehicle settings and provide some extra functions that were not available from the factory.

Z-Automotive continues its cutting edge innovation with the Tazer DT which is an essential tool for owners of the new Ram New The Pro Link Purchase tuning credits to use your MPVI2 to tune your vehicle. Please use the quantity field to add the amount of credits you wouldWhipple Superchargers plans to release their all-new lineup of 2. While the system was engineered with stock engines in mind, it has enough capacity to fully push a heavily modified Mopar motor.

The system features a massive air-to-water intercooler for improved cooling capacity and a unique front feed Whipple Wax twin-screw supercharger, giving you a whopping 2. Whereas the intercooled bypass system improves fuel economy and uses less than 1 horsepower of engine power when cruising. The kit also includes a set of high-flow fuel injectors, an aluminum high flow intake manifold, and a Whipple Power Flash Programmer from Diablosport to re-calibrate your factory ECU.

Whipple has been building twin-screw superchargers for over 23 years. Whipple's HEMI superchargers and other systems not only look like a piece of art, but they perform as well. The revolutionary front feed 2. The results speak for themselves, not only does it make the most horsepower, its fully upgradeable with camshafts, head work, throttle bodies, and bigger air intakes- so you have the ability to build a system from mild to wild to suit the needs of your Challenger or LX.

The Whipple front feed system offers less inlet restrictions. Furthermore, Whipple's front inlet design eliminates one intake bend, which promotes equal rotor filling and a higher overall volumetric efficiency. The system also incorporates a high-flowing, round, mm opening flows nearly cfm capacity or hp which will not limit your potential power gains.

The optional competition inlet has only two bends. These injectors give your 5.

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The Whipple 2. You can start with one of our standard blocks forgedforgedstroker or get one built just for your application. Short block, long block, or full crate engines let you choose from a variety of setups.

1st 4.5L Whipple Supercharged 392 Challenger SRT

HEMI short blocks. HEMI long blocks. HEMI crate engines.Looking for a reliable, affordable, and knowledgeable HEMI performance shop? BG Performance is a full service tuning and installation shop, with state of the art equipment, and industry leading experience.

2011-2020 5.7L HEMI Whipple Supercharger

BG Performance is your one stop tuning solution for all your Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep vehicles to present. What does that mean for our customers? Well, every product we offer is backed by years of HEMI performance knowledge, and that many of pioneers for the HEMI industry stand behind our products performance and reliability.

Hellcat Challenger with our Stage 1, Hellcat Package. This Hellcat came to us looking to pick up more power and get a little closer to its potential; Of course we delivered! Our Hellcat Staged Packages know how to unleash staggering power on the streets as well as the track! Hellcat Challenger with our Stage 2, 4. Our customer was looking for a 93 octane RWHP daily driver.

Our stage 2 Hellcat package was the logical option. This build features a Whipple 4. We are absolutely impressed with these 4.

whipple hemi tuning

Give us a call today to reserve your stage 2 Hellcat package today! This Hellcat is in for our magic touch. The owner is going with our stage 2 Hellcat package with the upgraded cam option. It turned out to be a monster. This kit includes a Fore Duel pump fuel system, the Whipple 4.

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Eric brought his dodge charger up to us for a few minor bolt on upgrades. Rick decided it was time for more power out of his supercharged shaker. The path he decided to go was to beef up his bottom end, add a fuel system, and turn the boost up. He made the jump to a Hellcat short block because it added more displacement while allowing him to run more boost. One more happy Hellcat short block swap customer, and another bad ass challenger on the streets! The supercharger sits on a bone stock 6.

This package is perfect for the people looking for significant power increases over the stock 6. Supercharging is the absolute best bang for your buck performance wise.

whipple hemi tuning