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Dodge journey grinding noise when accelerating

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dodge journey grinding noise when accelerating

While there is no help for our singing, we can help you diagnose the sounds coming from a differential gone bad. A clunk, whine, or howl can signal a worn-out pinion gear, bad bearings, or a faulty gear installation.

Sometimes, the noise is not differential-related, but is caused by other driveline or axle components. Noise: Howl with whir or rumble while accelerating at any speed gears previously quiet Cause: Worn rear pinion bearing or worn gear set. Noise: Howl without whir or rumble while accelerating at any speed gears previously quiet Cause: Worn gear set due to lack of lubrication or overloading. Noise: Howling while accelerating over a small speed range gears previously quiet Cause: Worn gear set due to lack of lubrication or overloading.

Noise: Howling after gear set installation Cause: Faulty gears or improper installation. Noise: Low-pitch rumble at all speeds over 20 miles per hour Cause: Worn carrier bearings. Noise: Banging or clunking while making a turn, backing up, or rapid deceleration like on a freeway off-ramp.

Noise gets worse in warmer weather Cause: Posi chatter due to improper lubrication; worn clutches or spider gears; improper assembly.

Noise: Banging, crunching, or popping while making a turn. Noise not affected by temperature Cause: Badly worn or broken spider gears. Noise: Banging or heavy clicking every two to three feet during acceleration and deceleration Cause: Damaged or broken pinion gear tooth or teeth.

Noise: Banging or heavy clicking every two to three feet during acceleration or deceleration, but not both Cause: High spot or heavy chip on pinion gear tooth. Noise: Banging or heavy clicking every eight feet during acceleration and deceleration Cause: Damaged or broken ring gear tooth or teeth. Noise: Clicking while decelerating from 20 miles per hour to a complete stop Cause: Worn carrier case-side gear bores.

Noise: Rumble or clicking that gets worse during hard turns Cause: Bad wheel bearings. Noise: Clunking when depressing the throttle pedal takeoff Cause: Worn U-joints; worn spider gears; worn axle splines; excessive gear backlash; loose yoke splines; worn slip yoke splines. Noise: Clunk immediately after taking off from a stop Cause: Worn slip yoke splines. Noise: Steady vibration that increases with speed Cause: Worn U-joint or out-of-balance driveshaft.

Noise: Cyclic vibration that varies in intensity. Intensity increases at a specific speed range, worsens during deceleration Cause: Pinion angle too low not parallel with front yoke on driveshaft. Nice write up, I would like to include the TC transfer case to this board I experienced a sudden breakage when a loud burring grinding noise came from TC while accelerating thru first gears under light load, avoidable by creeping slowly up to speed Engagement of 4WD eliminated the noise, except sometimes in reverse My K had blown its TCs rear retainer snap ring on its NP NP new proscess transfer case.

It is accessable by removing rear driveshaft 4 bolts at U-joint 12mm and then removing rear cover of transfer case four 15mm bolts while still in vehicle. You may want to empty TC fluid first to check fluid for metal shavings, or just expect a small amount to come out of back housing.

dodge journey grinding noise when accelerating

Good time to clean and lubricate driveshaft and bearings. I believe a sticky spline on driveshaft contributes to this common breakage. Do you think me checking for low differential oil, and if low, then draining fluid and replacing with new fluid will fix this problem?Our certified mobile mechanics come to you 7 days a week between 7 AM and 9 PM. Average rating from customers who received a Engine hesitates during acceleration Inspection.

Learn More. It can be frustrating for any driver to expect certain acceleration from their vehicle only to find that the vehicle seems to be hesitant while speeding up. This hesitation could be potentially dangerous in situations like entering and exiting the highway from an off-ramp, where acceleration may be necessary to merge with traffic.

A vehicle that struggles or hesitates to accelerate may be unpredictable and moments of hesitation may be coupled with equally dangerous moments of surging or unexpected acceleration. When a vehicle is hesitating during acceleration, it should be inspected by a mechanic. A vehicle with a combustion gas or diesel engine requires an exact mixture of fuel and air to run efficiently. If this mixture is thrown off in any way, it may result in an engine running too lean not enough airor too rich not enough fuel.

If you notice some symptoms like hesitation, you should have your vehicle inspected immediately. A vehicle with a failing mass airflow sensor may also stall soon after starting.

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Fuel Pump: The fuel pump in most modern vehicles sits inside the fuel tank and pumps fuel up to the engine. If a fuel pump cannot provide the correct pressure, fuel may have difficulty making it to the engine. A vehicle that hesitates while accelerating or while driving up a hill may have a weak fuel pump. The computer may then not provide the engine with the correct amount of air while accelerating, causing a hesitation sensation.

Fuel injectors may become dirty over time and not be able to provide as much fuel to the cylinder as is needed. Dirty fuel injectors may cause the engine to run lean which will in turn, cause hesitation when accelerating. A top-rated mobile mechanic will come to your home or office to determine the reason why your vehicle is hesitating while accelerating. The mechanic will then provide a detailed inspection report outlining the nature of the hesitation and the cost of any repairs that need to be made.

Once the mechanic gets this information they can begin to fix any potential issues. If the mechanic believes that the mass airflow sensor has gone bad or is failing, he or she will first examine the sensor for any superficial damage. The mechanic will also ensure that the sensor is wired correctly and that no damage has been done to the wire harness. The mechanic should then remove the mass airflow sensor and replace it with a new one if necessary.

If the mechanic believes the problem is the fuel pump, he or she will remove the fuel tank if necessary to inspect the pump. If the pump has indeed failed, the mechanic will replace it. If the fuel tank itself it beginning to show signs of age, it may be convenient to change the pump and tank at the same time. If it is not, the mechanic will remove the throttle positioning sensor and the wiring and replace them.

In between removing the old sensor and replacing the new one, the mechanic should take the opportunity to clean the throttle body.There are noises that are normal on acceleration. The best way to know if the noise is normal is simply if you have heard the noise before.

You have probably driven, or at least ridden in cars for years.

Dodge Journey Engine hesitates during acceleration Inspection at your home or office.

If the car seems to be excessively loud in general, this is an indication of a problem. There are a number of reasons that a car will make extra noise, all of which are the symptom of a bigger underlying issue.

There are a lot of things that can cause a noise when accelerating. The first is belt noise. This noise most often happens when you first begin to accelerate, and sometimes when turning. Belt noise can mean the belt is worn or loose. Belt noise can also come when one of the pulleys the belt is riding on starts to fail.

When the belt no longer moves smoothly along the pulleys, it makes a noise when the car is accelerating. The other noise you might be accustomed to is that of a loud exhaust system. The exhaust system carries the exhaust gases from the front of the car to the rear.

Reasons Your Car is Making Noise when Accelerating

A leak anywhere in this system makes a rather distinct rumbling noise. This noise is more noticeable on acceleration because the engine is working harder, making the noise louder. With an exhaust leak, the muffling of the noise is cut short, making the noise louder.

Worn or otherwise compromised drive belts are a common cause of noises when accelerating. There are also some more technical causes to point out, without getting into too much jargon.

Any of the components in the drivetrain can wear and start to make noise. The drivetrain is essentially what makes your car go, and all of these parts move when your car is moving. This in turn makes audible noises.

Like exhaust noises, these noises are more noticeable when accelerating because the car is working harder to get you up to speed. The engine itself can also be the cause of noises when accelerating. As you probably know, the engine is quite complicated. There are many moving parts, and all the parts need to move at the right time in order to make the engine run properly.

There are three very important parts we are going to talk about for now, and those are the valves, bearings, and pistons. Some vehicles are more prone to these noises than others. Any vehicle can have worn drive belt issues. The drive belt is made of a rubber compound and wears out over time. Although all cars have exhaust systems, Hondas are more susceptible to exhaust leaks throughout their life than any other car that we service.

All vehicles have slightly different drivetrain and engine configurations but, with the exception of electric cars, they all have the same basic components. These components will wear and become noisy on acceleration, the degree to which depends more on their usage than the vehicle manufacturer. Vehicle safety is always very important for you, your passengers and other drivers.

Any noise your car makes can be an indication that your vehicle is not currently safe to drive. Always be aware of your surroundings while driving; if your car is making abnormal noises, including only while accelerating, you should have it inspected as soon as possible. Book an appointment with a technician to make sure your vehicle is operating safely and identify the cause of the problem.

Hello, where this noise comes from would be important in diagnosing what is causing the noise. If it is from the engine area it could be due to low oil or poor running, if it is from one of the wheels it may be a wheel bearing, drive axle, or brakes.Are you experiencing whining noise when accelerating your car to high RPM speeds? This seems to be a common problem with many cars.

In this article, I present some of the possible causes of whining noise while accelerating. Is a whining noise while accelerating, disturbing your peaceful meditative state at the driving wheel? Whining noise while accelerating seems to be one of the most commonly faced and most discussed problems on automobile forums worldwide.

Some report a whining noise from engine, some report it to come from the front right or front left and some are plain clueless about it. What makes the whining even more mysterious is the fact that it occurs only at high engine RPM or while accelerating. Would you like to write for us? Well, we're looking for good writers who want to spread the word. Get in touch with us and we'll talk Friction and vibration are two factors that come into play at high car speeds.

Diagnosing Whining Noise When Accelerating

With a plethora of operational moving parts, figuring out the culprit contributing to the car making whining noise is difficult even for experienced car drivers. One way out is to check for all likely possibilities, one by one. To figure out why a car makes whining noise while accelerating, make a list of all possible causes and eliminate through investigation, till you can narrow down to a single one.

In the next section, I provide a list of possible causes of whining noise during acceleration, that I discovered from various automobile forums and experienced auto mechanics. Possible Causes I list out the various reasons why your car can become a whiner at high acceleration speeds. One clue is to figure out what parts of a car come into play at high acceleration speeds. Here are some hints. Transmission Problems One of the prime reasons for whining noise may be friction caused in the car transmission mechanism.

The reasons for this might be worn out gears and low transmission fluid levels. You could check whether the problem is in the transmission in the following way.If your Dodge Journey is experiencing a whining noise, its is often going to be caused by something in the engine compartment.

The likely cause of whining noise will be determined by when you hear the noise, and under what conditions. With that in mind, this page is divided by when you hear the whining noiseand common causes under those conditions. Before you go any further, is the whining noise constant when you rev the engine? Or does it not change with engine speed?

Here are the most common causes of whining noises when accelerating:. It should also be accompanied by the battery light. The power steering pump is a very common reason why your Dodge Journey might whine when accelerating.

You need to check the fluid level and fill it back up to the factory fill line. The pump can also go out. To determine if it is the power steering pump, turn the wheel left and right with the vehicle sitting.

Does the sound get louder while turning?

Dodge Journey: Whining Noise → Diagnosis

All of your engine accessories will change their wine depending upon the RPM. Only the power steering pump will change with RPM or the steering wheel. This is particularly true when you first start the vehicle.

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Whining when starting can be frustrating to diagnose, since you constantly have to start and restart the vehicle to duplicate the conditions that caused the sound to begin with.

As they go bad, they begin to glaze and stretch. They are really affordable. The radio can accept interference and cause noise when starting the vehicle.

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This is a great place to start, since it only takes a second. Or, it could be a situation where it is having a hard time disengaging.

A bad torque converter can cause a whining sound when starting your vehicle. A good place to start would be to check the transmission fluid. If you see any flecks of metal on there, it is probably going to need serviced. As long as you have the dipstick out, go ahead and check the transmission fluid color. It can tell you a lot about the health of your transmission.

Alternator whine is a product of a drop in voltage between the radio and the alternator itself.

dodge journey grinding noise when accelerating

It is usually way more noticeable on the A. M band of the radio. Alternator whine is almost always caused by a corrupted ground wire to the radio. Once a good ground is restored it should go away. Here is a great page with way more info on the subject. Good luck figuring out what is making your Dodge Journey make a whining noise. If there is anything that you would like to add, please leave a comment below.Got Nothing (1) 4. OUR DASHA in strong form with two wins from three attempts this campaign and racing back from the city, one of the main hopes.

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Dodge Journey 2010 - Grinding noise while accelerating or steering. (Part 1)

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